From: Joe – Ft. Wayne, IN. USA

“Wow it's amazing what you can do to lyrics with a few ... here and there. Here's how Satanically influenced your site is: "Dr. Jason D. Kovar... clearly and without a doubt reveals... Satanism and... has... an influence on today's motion pictures, as well as those of yesterday." Wow right 'in your own words' (just like all the songs) we see that he has influence on many things. Seems like he is satanically influenced himself. You talk to defend yourself from people saying that you shouldn't judge by showing them that their quotes from the Bible are taken out of context being that the rest of the quote is not there. Maybe you should examine your website and show the entire quotes and not just your edited excerpts."

Good Fight's Response:

Thank you for posting your comments on our website. I understand your point, however, I believe you missed the entire point of the article concerning "judging". Did you really miss the point of the article? Perhaps if you re-read the article you will realize that you did exactly what the article reveals of the many skeptics that write us. You see, what you did by truncating and isolating specific quotes resulted in totally changed the context of the text.

The only thing you demonstrated was exactly how NOT to quote! Because your attempt at quoting the text changed the context - the result is false, unfair and illegal. What you must know is that the quotes that we present on our web site do NOT change the context of the artist's beliefs, lifestyle agenda or whatever the case may be with the specific artist. In addition to this, our video "They sold their souls for rock and roll" contains the entire interviews, writings, etc. that totally confirm the context.

Perhaps in the future you will examine all the evidence before making rash judgments. Your attempt to turn the tables doesn't quite cut it. Remember if you change the context with an isolated quote - you've erred. On the other hand if an isolated quote is used without changing the context in which it was made - there is no error.

You imply that we take quotes out of context by saying that we should re-examine our “edited excerpts”, well as I mentioned before, all the evidence and documented resources are referenced in our video. We clearly show many of the artists themselves admitting to supernatural influences to outright satanic influences. We provide clear evidence for all quotes we post on our website as well as those in the video. You freely imply that we are in error concerning the context of our quotes, yet you provided no evidence.
Allow me to encourage and even challenge you to provide us with evidence to support your claims - which by the way were not specific whatsoever. Please be sure to be specific with your accusations. In fact, if you could provide irrefutable evidence contrary to anything we've posted at, we would humbly stand corrected and immediately post a correction, as we take seriously our accountability before God in all matters of our ministry.
Thank you again for posting your thoughts. I look forward to your response and documentation to support your claims.

Below is an email I recently sent to someone regarding the issue of what we allow to be posted in our guest book, perhaps this will clarify things for you on that issue.

Steve Aguilar
–Titus 1:9


Thank you for visiting The many artists that we list on our expose page are just a fraction of the many artists exposed in great detail in our video expose. We admittedly have fallen behind in transferring the exposes to a written format, so we apologize for not having all the info for you.

Though some of the names listed may seem far reaching and pointless, however, the truth is we are extremely careful with who we expose, when it comes to triple checking the artist's beliefs, experiences, agendas, etc. (see this article).

I must again emphasize the evidence that leaves no doubt about these artists is provided in extreme detail in our video, we will soon, gradually, have all this same information posted on our site.

As for the guest book entries, we again are extremely careful with what we post as many post and emails contain totally false evidence in defense of some artists, not to mention extreme use of profanity. We have chosen not to post such negative/false posts unless we refute them with a detailed article, as we don't want people to be further deceived.

I will perhaps eventually, perhaps, post the most common complaints/arguments along with an article revealing the error. For now what I do is personally contact every person that leaves their email address along with their negative post - and attempt to further clarify our position(s) on whatever issue is in question. I do find myself responding to quite a bit of posts and emails, however, we find this beneficial to the skeptic as it provides them with a detailed understanding of our position on whatever issues they address. This is also beneficial to anyone that is susceptible to further deception, in the event that a totally false allegation, or argument is posted without being addressed. We take seriously our accountability before God in regards to the information we provide at our site.

This being said, we have nothing to hide. It's no secret we have an unpopular message, however, the artists we expose make no secret of their influences, their agendas, etc.

Should you have any questions or specific concerns of a specific artist, please contact us using this contact form. We enjoy receiving comments, both negative and positive.

In His service,
Steve Aguilar
–Ephesians 5:11

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