Deceived on Purpose


Discover the New Age implications of the Purpose-Driven Church and learn about the language, ideas, terms and philosophies that are used by New Agers.


Written by: Warren B. Smith
Publisher: Mountain Stream Press
Paperback: 212 Pages

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When former New Ager Warren Smith began reading Purpose-Driven Life, he was shocked to discover language, ideas, terms and philosophies that he learned as a New Ager. If you have ever wondered what really lies beneath the surface of the Purpose-Driven agenda, then Deceived on Purpose is a must-read. A stunning and thought-provoking testimonial.

The book answers the following questions, and much more:
1. What is the connection between Rick Warren and Robert Schuller and what is the significance of this?
2. What does “God’s Dream” mean?
3. Are the details of biblical prophecy and Jesus’ return our business? Not according to Rick Warren, but what does Scriptures say?
4. What is Rick Warren’s “Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan” really all about?

AUTHOR BIO: Warren Smith (B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.S.W. Tulane University) is a freelance writer and community social worker who was formerly involved in the New Age movement. He has served as a program coordinator for people with special needs, directed several homeless programs, and has worked most recently as a Hospice social worker in New Orleans and on the California coast. He has written extensively on the subject of spiritual deception and has been widely interviewed on radio and television.

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Paperback, 212 pages


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