Secular Music, Movies, and Books

If what you are meditating on and being entertained by are the very things that God hates, at what point does it become a sin problem? If the things you are entertained by are the things that God hates, we believe there may be an underlying problem…

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Why Do You Charge For Your Products?

Good Fight Ministries is often asked why we charge for our products or we are accused of trying to “make a ton of money” by selling our products. In this Q & A post we provide an answer…

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You’re Just Judging

“I must say that this site is truly pathetic; yet that is exactly what I would expect from Christian fanatics. A web site with page after page of passing judgements on others...does the word hypocrites mean anything to you? Or a quote from that famous literary...

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You’re Just Quote Twisting

Good Fight Ministries is sometimes accused of quote twisting and/or taking quotes or lyrics out of context. Yet often these same accusations are not substantiated with proof that we have changed what was being communicated…

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Music From The Devil?

“Consistently you point out that music itself is the devils work, but yet at ancient feasts in Israel (which in the Bible is said Jesus attended) had music playing. If you believe that music in its entirity is the devils work than Jesus had sinful ears himself. If you...

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Where Is The Love?

Good Fight Ministries diligently intercedes for the many artists we expose. We pray that they would heed the warnings and turn from sin and rebellion towards God. But as Christians, we are also called to expose unrepentant individuals…

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Dear Visitor

Good Fight Ministries explains to each visitor to our website their policy for commenting and submitting comments through their form and how we respond…

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