Eradicate: Blotting Out God in America


Exposes the anti-Christian movements in America and gives you a thorough understanding of the foundational battle for truth.

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Written by: David Fiorazo
Publisher: Aneko Press / Life Sentence Publishing
Paperback: 372 Pages

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‘Eradicate’ identifies two major problems causing the spiritual and moral decline in our country: the secular agenda to blot out God, and the apathy of Christians. This book will expose the anti-Christian movements in America and give you a thorough understanding of the foundational battle for truth. With 78% of Americans claiming to be Christians, how did it get to the point where Christianity is having less of an influence on our culture than culture is having on Christianity? Too many believers have conformed to our culture and we’re now suffering the consequences as a nation.

The Bible contains much prophecy concerning end times, warning us to not be ignorant so we can be bold and fight the good fight of faith. As Christians, we’ll predictably face more hostility and possibly increased persecution in America as we draw closer to Jesus Christ’s return. It is now more pivotal than ever that we prepare ourselves, know the truth of Scripture, and understand the direction our country has taken.

Enemy forces continue to destroy this nation by attacking America’s Judeo-Christian roots from within. This book will investigate government, media, Hollywood, public schools, our culture of death, and the push toward socialism and Marxism. You’ll see how some churches and leaders are diluting the Word of God weakening the witness of believers. You may be outraged as this book exposes how sin is being openly promoted, yet encouraged because God is still in control. There’s a remnant of committed Christians resisting evil and standing in the way. The choice is ours: who or what will we give our allegiance to, God or man; to Jesus Christ or to culture and politics? As Christians, our loyalties must not be divided any longer or America may be lost.

David Fiorazo is an author, radio personality, actor, blogger, and speaker. He has over 30 years of experience in the broadcasting and entertainment industries. David recommitted his life to Jesus Christ in 1987 and as he travelled across America, he witnessed the moral decay and spiritual decline of our Republic under God that continues today.


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