The Horrors of Heroin


Examines the dangers of the drug heroin.

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Many people who use drugs, such as heroin, falsely believe they will be one of the “lucky ones” who will escape sudden death, only to find out (too late) that such drugs are merciless and impartial with regard to whose lives they claim. If Heroin does not suddenly claim the addict’s life, it slowly destroys the addict’s brain. Heroin, like other illicit drugs, is a seductive toxin that poisons and destroys the brain. It is critical that we make lasting decisions to choose life rather than death. We are in a spiritual war and what better way for dark forces to gain mastery over our minds and souls than to get us to poison them with drugs and alcohol? Learn what makes heroin so dangerous and the good news for those looking to stop using this deadly drug.

This is the complete version of a shorter abridged tract on this subject. Click Here for the shorter version.


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