They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll (10-HR)

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Find out how rock music’s most popular artists have Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll.

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Is it true that Satan is the master musician working behind the popular music scene and influencing our youth?

Fasten your seat belts as you go on an eye-popping ride upon the roller coaster of Rock, and find out how Rock’s most popular artists have Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll. In this mind-blowing exposé Pastor Joe Schimmel reveals just how Satan has been effectively using popular music to undermine God’s plan for the family and ultimately heralding the coming of the Antichrist and his kingdom on earth.

This full-length video series contains 10 hours of eye-popping, rare, and some never before seen footage that will leave you picking your jaw up off the ground, as you see hundreds of artists (most of whom are not covered in the abbreviated 3-hour version) being used by Satan to destroy many lives. Come behind the scenes with us as we expose the deceptive agendas of many of yesterday and today’s secular artists, such as: Elvis, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, U2, Creed, Madonna, Britney Spears, DMX, Tupac, Tori Amos, and many more.

It’s time to remove the blinders – guard yourself and those you love from one of Satan’s most powerful tools!

Hosted and narrated by Pastor Joseph Schimmel.


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TV-MASome material may be inappropriate
for children 14 years and younger.


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Good Fight Ministries

Executive Producers

Joseph M. Schimmel, Lisa Schimmel

Written & Directed by

Joseph M. Schimmel

Associate Producer

Lisa Schimmel

Running Time

10 hours (4-Disc Set)

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Good Fight Ministries

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DVD9-DL (Dual Layer), NTSC, Region Code 0 (Worldwide)

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4:3, 480p

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TV-MA: Some material may be inappropriate for children 14 years and younger.

6 reviews for They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll (10-HR)

  1. Mike

    Wow this both an eye-opening and ear opening experience this was to watch. I was constantly listening to music growing for as long as I can remember and never realized how evil and wicked the song lyrics were. My favorite bands used to be AC/DC and Metallica and I would defend them and the lyrics, but no longer. There’s no defending these musicians. This does a great job of not only covering the rock and metal genres, but pop and rap music as well. Also, heartbreaking to see Columbine and the truth of how Christians were the ones targeted. I praise God that I discovered the Good Fight Ministries YouTube channel and your documentaries.

  2. Clinton Adams

    One of the most important documentaries this century. Worth multiple viewings, and I’m talking the ten hour version. It’s that good and that important.

  3. Maria PV

    I watched this over a decade ago with my teenage son. I’ve been saving a box of CDs I know longer listen to that I thought were music from my good all days that he enjoy. Led Zeppelin, and the like. Early into the series I took the box from my crawlspace and threw it in the dumpster. I didn’t want that box of poisonous snakes in my home. I note of caution to those purchasing this wonderful expose of the spiritual dangers of entertaining ourselves with what the world system has to offer. The gateways of our souls are being assaulted. Prepare your heart and mind in prayer before watching. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for me and my son. He became more drawn to the music although he recognized the danger. Almost like an addiction; that was hard for him to overcome. Repeatedly buying and throwing away music for years. Just like an alcoholic one drink or one lesson and he’d go back for more. This was during his early teen years were many of his peers were into this kind of music. Little did I know he’d already become spiritually infected prior to watching this documentary. He was not saved at this point . In hindsight I wish I hadn’t allowed him to join me… but God allowed it. Regardless, if you want to know the Truth about a vast majority of our entertainment industry this is for you. All God’s best blessing to you! It is lifestyle changing, heart & soul!

  4. Nick Toal

    Watched this in 2007 I think. It changed my life forever. Get it if you know anyone into rock and metal. I’m on fire for Jesus now and there’s no looking back. God bless 🙏

  5. PastorBHOG

    Holy Spirit remove the scaled from the eyes of God’s people! If it doesn’t praise His name, don’t listen to it!

  6. dennis

    Perfect education and entertainment. God bless the makers.

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