A Shack of Lies


How Paul Young's The Shack Is Selling The Church A Pack Of Lies


Wm. Paul Young’s book The Shack has sold over 20 million copies, and millions more have seen the movie. Many Christians have been captivated by the handling of one of life’s most commonly asked questions: “Where is God in the midst of brokenness?” But is Young’s story based on biblically sound Christian doctrine? Or is it subtly teaching another gospel by using a compelling work of emotionally charged Christian fiction?

In A Shack of Lies, Pastor Joe Schimmel examines the god portrayed in The Shack. How does Paul Young’s god deal with justice, punishment, and wrath in contrast to the biblical God revealed throughout the pages of scripture? Does everyone eventually enter heaven, regardless of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ before our death? Is living a holy life dedicated to our Lord and putting Him first in our lives important to God?

Many Christians do not believe the concerns raised about The Shack are important because some argue that the story is “only fiction.” However, further examination of Wm. Paul Young’s latest book, Lies We Believe About God, will shed light on this untenable argument. You will gain further insight into his purpose for writing The Shack and hear what the author himself says about what he admits is actually his “theology.” Journey with us as we unpack Paul Young’s long list of lies.

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