Canceling Christianity

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How the left silences churches, dismantles the Constitution, and divides our culture.

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Written by: David Fiorazo
Publisher: Freiling Publishing
Paperback: 296 Pages

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Canceling Christianity is about the battle for the heart of America between two contrasting worldviews finding it harder to coexist in a constitutional republic. It highlights realities that believers face, the spiritual conflict we find ourselves in, and stresses the importance of the salt and light of Christianity to the survival of the nation.

Forces of darkness, both human and demonic, are behind cancel culture and the agendas to eradicate God as well as His followers from the public square. The left envisions a much different America. Having hijacked major institutions, they claim unity, but now demand submission.

Canceling Christianity is a sobering look at the decline of America due in part to the church conforming to this world. Addressed here are lukewarm or “progressive” churches, politics, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, cultural Marxism, religious freedom, and globalism. These are the last days for true believers to preserve America and stand for righteousness and truth.


1 Epic Battle for the Soul of America
2 The Second Biggest Lie in America
3 The Historic Impact of Christianity
4 Did the Church Pass the COVID Test?
5 The Great, Godless, Globalist Reset
6 It Just Takes a Generation
7 Lives That Matter to God: Christianity vs. Marxism
8 If You Can Kill Babies, You’re Capable of Anything
9 The Divided Church and the State of America
10 Anti-Christian, UnAmerican Education
11 Beyond Bias: A One-Party Media/Big Tech Conglomeration
12 Sanitized Socialism Leads to Communist Policy
13 Kamala Harris Redefines Radical
14 Policies, Platforms and Procedures
15 Working for God, Ready for Battle: Nehemiah 4


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