Pre- Mid- or Post-Tribulation?


A look at the timing of the rapture.

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What does the Bible say about the timing of the rapture? Will Christians be here during the Tribulation? This thorough exploration of scripture will answer many questions and address many common misunderstandings concerning the timing of this much anticipated event.

20 complete MP3 audio messages:
–Does It Really Matter?
–The Rapture of the Church on the Last Day
–The Rapture Immediately After the Tribulation
–The Rapture at the Last Trumpet
–The Rapture at the Lord’s Feast
–The Feast of Pentacost
–The Rapture and the Feast of Trumpets
–The Rapture at the End of the Age
–The Rapture at the Day of the Lord
–The Rapture at the First Resurrection
–The Church in the Olivet Discourse
–The Church in the Book of Revelation
–Michael, The Restrainer, and the Anti-Christ
–Like a Thief in the Night
–Imminency or Expectancy?
–Protected From Wrath
–Pre-Trib Arguments Refuted-Part 1
–Pre-Trib Arguments Refuted-Part 2
–The Second Coming of Christ-Part 1
–The Second Coming of Christ-Part 2

(2 CDs includes 20 messages in MP3 Format)

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