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Wrestling With Discipleship by pastor and wrestling coach Chad Davidson is a unique exploration of the intersection between the physical discipline of wrestling and the spiritual journey of discipleship. Through a blend of personal anecdotes and an exegetical analysis of Scripture, Davidson delves into fundamental questions related to discipleship, such as:

– What is discipleship?
– Who is qualified to make disciples?
– How can I make disciples?
…and other important questions.

Pastor Joe Schimmel also contributes a compelling chapter, adding depth to this insightful exploration of faith and spiritual discipline.

Get ready to utilize this book to help foment a culture of discipleship in your church, youth group, or wrestling team! Get ready to wrestle with discipleship!


“Chad Davidson is a bold truth proclaimer and defender, and discipleship is a much-needed yet neglected subject. In his book, Wrestling with Discipleship, he brilliantly maneuvers in and out of God’s Word as well as his wrestling expertise and shares personal stories leading to biblical principles of discipleship. An important voice for his generation, Davidson pins down a tough topic in this easy-to-read and understand book that is sure to benefit the body of Christ!”
– David Fiorazo, Author, Speaker, Pastor and Host of Worldview Matters

“Many “modern Churches” ignore an important fact when it comes to the Christian path; We are in a spiritual war. We are in a fight or…a wrestling match. It’s something that we need to contend for every day. In this book, Chad Davidson lays out a beautiful prescription of what that looks like and how to follow a Christian warrior’s path. To God be the Glory!”
– Bryce Eddy, Host of The Bryce Eddy Show

“Wrestling with Discipleship is a terrific book that I’ll read again and again. Chad is a wonderful brother in Christ and he’s tackled discipleship with excellence. Paul told Timothy that physical training is good but training in godliness holds promise for this life and the next. This book will give you the spiritual training necessary. Jesus commissioned us as believers to make disciples and anyone who really grasps the Biblical truths of this book will be armed and ready to fulfill it and knock the enemy down and finish the good fight. I also loved Joe Schimmel’s cameo chapter too. It’s packed with scriptures, great quotes from heroes of the faith and personal stories. It’s a must for every serious Christian who wants to wrestle with discipleship!”
– Ben Price, Audacity Films, The Pilgrim’s Progress, Comedian/Impressionist and CEO of Bought With A Price

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