Don’t miss our 5-part video series exposing Bethel Church in Redding, California. We examine Bill Johnson and his many associations with other NAR teachers. What is Bethel’s Sozo ministry? What is Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry? We take a look at these and other practices at Bethel Church and compare them with the Word of God.

Bethel has become an international phenomenon, with Bethel Music contributing substantially to their growth and popularity, making inroads into many churches worldwide. It has been estimated that over 11,000 people consider themselves members of Bethel Church.

But what does Bethel actually teach? We explore some of the doctrinal issues and even gospel-laden heresies being taught that we feel must be addressed, as they are outside the teachings of biblical Christianity.

Pastor Joe Schimmel and host Chad Davidson discuss the issues with Bethel Church and call attention to those things which need to be marked out and rebuked.

Examining Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church

The Bethel & Friends Contagion

Bethel’s Sozo Obsession

Hogwarts School of Supernatural Ministry & Witches at Bethel?

Bethel or Beth-Hell? Q & A Show