Sparky The Broken Mirror children’s book helps kids understand their true identity in their creator and shows them how to flourish.

Produced and published by Good Fight Ministries, it’s the first book from their new book publishing division.


SIMI VALLEY, CA, September 21, 2023–Christian media company, Good Fight Ministries, has released its first children’s picture book, Sparky the Broken Mirror: A Short Story for the Entire Family.

The book’s author, Pastor Joe Schimmel, says the Sparky book takes kids on an exciting journey as they see Sparky try to put himself back together after a terrible fall. Just when all seems hopeless, Sparky encounters the One who made him and finds redemption, love, and eternal joy.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Emily Pinneri, a freelance artist from Simi Valley, CA. She captured the whimsical nature of the story in a way that is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of children everywhere.

Good Fight Ministries believes the book will find an audience among parents and grandparents seeking stories with a positive and encouraging message for their children and grandchildren.

The new book, specifically written for children ages 3 to 9, presents an allegorical story of a great king and his mirror, Sparky, who was created to reflect the king’s image. But Sparky is tricked into jumping off the wall and shatters. The Gospel story is weaved throughout the entire tale and is meant to show the love of God and to explain why Jesus had to come to the earth to die for the sins of the world – all written in a way that children will understand.

According to Schimmel, “Children today are being misled – not only about the identity of Jesus Christ, but also about their own identities, how to be saved, and how to be made whole.” Schimmel’s mission is to combat these popular deceptions by presenting the truth as found in the Holy Scriptures.

Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, President of Living Waters & co-host of The Living Waters Podcast w/Ray Comfort said of Sparky the Broken Mirror, “There are few men on this planet that I respect more than Joe Schimmel. His life matches his words, and his words echo the heartbeat of God that is heard in the pages of Scripture. The byproduct is a man who speaks about truth, love, grace, and compassion—then lives it all out in every aspect of his life. This book is a beautiful reflection of that reality. With an unabated passion for Christ’s redemptive plan for the world, Joe delivers a heartwarming and creative story that will tenderly capture the attention of every child, while simultaneously impacting their soul with the life-transforming gospel. I can’t wait to read Sparky the Broken Mirror to my grandchildren! I hope that parents and grandparents around the world will do the same with the precious little lives that the Lord has entrusted to their care.”

Ben Price (The Pilgrim’s Progress, Audacity) said of Sparky the Broken Mirror, “The simplicity of the gospel shared creatively in an allegory that I’m sure will be a timeless classic. I love Joe’s heart for the broken which comes through in this story. It’s exactly what children need in this day and age.”

Sparky the Broken Mirror will be available on Amazon as an eBook, paperback, and hardcover. The book can also be purchased at

Joe Schimmel is the senior pastor of Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley, CA. He is also the president and founder of Good Fight Ministries, an apologetics and discernment ministry discussing contemporary issues in pop culture in light of the Bible. Through Good Fight, Schimmel has written, directed, and produced several critically-acclaimed documentary films.


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