“It’s amazing to me that people like the creators and followers of this site have enough nerve to tell me how to live my life, when they base their entire life on the "teachings" of a BOOK. Or maybe I’m just being manipulated by Satan. I’m open to suggestion. E-mail me if you think you can change my mind.

Good Fight’s Response:

Bo (davidjones),

I just discussed this subject last night with someone. The person in question continued to attempt to bounce around with questions as to why so many interpretations in the Christian community existed, etc, etc – all in an attempt to prove that God doesn’t exist and that the bible is “just a book ”. The first thing I attempt to discuss with such people, as yourself, is the validity of the bible. Because if the bible is not the word of God, and is not inerrant, then the bible cannot be relied upon as spiritual truth. My personal challenge to you is this: provide me with any errors you might believe exist in the bible (contradictions, lies, etc). You see, the bible proves itself as the word of God based on it’s accuracy in areas such as archeaology, manuscriptural authenticity, prophetic fulfillment, etc. This “book”, actually consists of 66 books, written by different authors, spanning over a period of 1400 years, from 3 different continents! Men ranging from shepherds to fishermen to kings, yet NOT one contradiction exists. Try getting a few different guys from the same neighborhood together and ask them to write some truth about spiritual things and you’ll end up with an incredible amount of contradictions, errors, etc. Yet look what the Lord did supernaturally with the writers of the bible! Think about it – over 700 years before Jesus was born, His birth was prophesied, and about 1000 years before Jesus was crucified, it too was prophesied – in great detail – and this was way before death by crucifixion was even practiced! Also see the following article…

Daniel’s 70th Week

You don’t believe in the bible?

Bottom line, Bo (davidjones), the burden of proving the bible to be false is yours and again I challenge you, in love, to provide me with some solid evidence to support your position on the bible. I look forward to discussing this topic with you further.

Steve Aguilar
–Titus 1:9