“Consistently you point out that music itself is the devils work, but yet at ancient feasts in Israel (which in the Bible is said Jesus attended) had music playing. If you believe that music in its entirity is the devils work than Jesus had sinful ears himself. If you look deep enough into anything you will find what you want. –Lawson”

Good Fight’s Response:

Lawson, concerning your accusation in which you state, “you point out that music itself is the devils work” – this claim is in complete error. Unfortunately, you either did not read my article How Can Music Be Demonically Inspired or you simply failed to read it carefully. Therefore the following is an excerpt from the article that directly addresses your false accusation, and thus your erroneous conclusion:

“I must begin by pointing out that we at Good Fight Ministries DO NOT CLAIM THAT ALL SECULAR MUSIC IS OF SATAN OR IN OTHER WORDS DEMONICALLY INSPIRED. What we are saying is that music CAN be demonically inspired – in fact we go on further to point out those artists that are clearly inspired demonically. However, we ask that you not just take our word for it, rather the “artists” own words, as in most cases they themselves admit to supernatural influences and then, of course, you have those that out right admit to satanic influence.”

Lawson, please take the time to review our site carefully in order to avoid any further incorrect accusations against us. However, I truly thank you for taking the time to email us, as I hope the response has clarified this issue for you.

Steve Aguilar
–Titus 1:9