Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged


Viewers will see how young readers today have an abundance of occult resources easily available to them.


Produced by: Jeremiah Films & Caryl Productions
Written & Directed by: Caryl Matrisciana
Running Time: 100 Minutes

Official Website: www.carylmatrisciana.com


Hosts Robert S. McGee and Caryl Matrisciana, authors and occult researchers, show Rowling’s presentation of the following elements of Witchcraft: Mother Goddess, evolution, reincarnation, communing with the dead and spirit world, seasonal nature celebrations, sorcery, divination, spells, curses, meditation, occult symbology, black magic, demon possession, dark aspects of Witchcraft, and more.

Viewers will see how young readers today, more than any other time in history, have an abundance of occult resources easily available to them. Learn how to answer difficult questions and clearly explain the Harry Potter series to your children, grandchildren and concerned friends.


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Dimensions 7.5 × 5.25 × .625 in
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Caryl Productions

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DVD, NTSC, Region Code 0 (Worldwide)

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4:3, 480p


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