In celebration of the 20 year anniversary of the release of They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll, we are providing a way to watch the 3-HR version FOR FREE! So many people have been greatly impacted by this rockumentary, with lives being radically changed for Christ, and we want to make it easier than ever for everyone to learn the truth!


Is it true that Satan is the master musician working behind the popular music scene and influencing our youth?

Fasten your seat belts as you go on an eye-popping ride upon the roller coaster of Rock, and find out how Rock’s most popular artists have Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll. In this mind-blowing exposé Pastor Joe Schimmel reveals just how Satan has been effectively using popular music to undermine God’s plan for the family and ultimately heralding the coming of the Antichrist and his kingdom on earth.

It’s time to remove the blinders – guard yourself and those you love from one of Satan’s most powerful tools!


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