Multiple news sites are reporting that a lawsuit has been filed which alleges X-Men director, Bryan Singer, drugged and raped an underage boy.

The plaintiff, Michael Egan, says he was 17 years old when he met Singer through a Hollywood sex ring run by Digital Entertainment Network founder Marc Collins-Rector, a convicted sex offender who pled guilty to luring minors across state lines for sex in 2004.

As Pastor Joe Schimmel pointed out in his exclusive interview with Gay Christian Movement Watch, the director has been subliminally packing his X-Men movies with his pro-homosexual agenda.

“Openly gay X-Men Director, Bryan Singer, has not only directed most of the X-Men movies but recruited openly gay activist actor Ian McKellen, to star as Magneto, by convincing him that mutants were comparable to struggling gays. McKellen stated “I think he expected that I was going to consider it a not posh-enough job,” but revealed that he was told that X-Men is really about Lesbain, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people. “I thought he was right,” says McKellen. “It’s not just a fantasy story. It’s a parable.” McKellen is a co-founder of the LGBT gay activist group Stonewall.”

Here are the words of Michael Egan, the man accusing the director of the latest X-Men series, Bryan Singer, of charges that the filmmaker was part of a Hollywood band of gay men that plied young boys with drugs and booze, and used the boys’ desire to catch a break in the industry to exploit them as sex toys:

“I can now stand in front of all of you today and say, I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse,” he added. “Some people don’t have a voice to say that. Some end up dead.”

The words of Egan paint a sad picture of the reality of what happens to young men who are exposed to this sort of treatment. What much of the public doesn’t realize is that these same filmmakers, who are luring young boys into houses to exploit them sexually, have also been attacking our own ideologies under the guise of entertainment.

As pointed out by the president and founder of Good Fight Ministries, Pastor Joe Schimmel, “Humans are very impressionable and easily led by the liberal media. Television shows and movies have been a powerful weapon in Satan’s arsenal to erode godly morals among the American populace.”

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