The New Age movement encompasses the same viewpoints of free sex, free drugs and self indulgence just as the Church of Satan does, and trumps them as the new standard of our day. Consider the instructional words of New Age teacher Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, as found in The Rajneesh Bible:

“Repression needs no intelligence in the first place; any idiot can do it. In fact, only idiots do it…Nature intends you to know [sex] in as many ways as possible, because what you can know from one woman you cannot know from another woman…So I am for all the trouble, the anguish, the anxiety, the despair…These troubles are not because love has gone, these are because you are idiotic.”

Leaving your mind at the door has become a sort of mantra in the occult, because the conscience teaching about right and wrong and Biblical righteousness has to be dismissed in order to receive it. Satan’s foothold and control of such organizations such as Playboy is illustrated by the editor of the magazine, Robert Anton Wilson, during the heart of the hippie movement. Wilson was a practitioner of the Satanist Aleister Crowley’s magic and furthered the pornography platform as dictated by the sexual directives crucial to the New Age movement via his work at the organization.

The founder of playboy, Hugh Hefner wrote:

“Playboy’s become a voice for the new generation reflecting a new view of contemporary man and the world in which he lives. Playboy is a sort of Bible.”

This new Bible instilled in man the newfound pleasure of indulging in the forbidden without remorse while appealing to his sinful nature. These ultimately lead to perverse and deranged bondage’s that are contaminating society at large.

Hollywood jumped on the Playboy bandwagon long ago and has presented immoral material to the public with the exact same ungodly mindset. HBO’s well-known series, Sex and the City, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, delivers a package of unbelievable chaotic raunch that would have caused coronaries thirty years ago. The liberal US magazine wrote:

Sex and the City

“About a year ago, TV producer Michael Patrick King came up with what he thought was a dandy idea for his prime time Sunday night TV series. The main female character gets her diaphragm stuck inside her. ‘I had a friend of a friend whom this really happened to,’ explained King. ‘And her friend had to pull it out.’…The women of Sex swill cosmopolitans, take off their tops, receive oral sex in the backs of taxis, masturbate, smoke pot, talk about love like sailors on shore leave…Clearly all these women are going straight to hell-but not before they…finish making Sex the most talked about show on TV.”

This show is so well received that after one of the main characters wore a gold nameplate last season, they worshipfully became the rage. Network executives are not surprised about the male turnout to watch the show. Vince McMahon, the chairman for a UPN station stated: “young males are young males. To succeed, you have to understand what they like, and we give them [that] without apology.” Hollywood is capitalizing on wickedness and helping to propagate it at every turn.

Irrespective to the immoral aims of these programs, they tend to take on an admitted subversive intent when viewed through the eyes of their creators. Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s supervising producer, Marti Noxon, clarifies:

“You can get to the emotional truth of things almost by sleight of hand, while people aren’t really looking. It’s sort of like, ‘Here, look at the shiny vampire,’ and behind that, there’s something really raw going on.”

Rolling Stone magazine, featuring the Buffy star, Sarah Michelle Gellar, with legs spread wide on the front cover describes what kind of raw and sleight of hand themes the show advocates:

“Buffy is one of the most sexually blunt shows on the air and, for its family hour time slot, almost subversively so…Anyway, the characters, most of whom graduated from high school last season, have sex, and some of them have plenty of it…”

This is a program that is marketed to teenagers. In teaching them the ins and outs of sexual frivolities, the country has been forced to experience tremendous abortion rates, rampant sexually transmitted diseases and because superficial relationships are based on sexual feelings, increased divorce rates have become the rule not the exception.

American Pie

The film American Pie also pinpointed teenage sexuality and pandered to the youth of America by presenting a group of high school students who vow to lose their virginity before the end of the year. Graphic scenes submitted as humorous canvassed the screen, one being a teenager who is engrossed in porno’s and actually has intercourse with an apple pie. The sexually loose Rolling Stone magazine was even moved to label it as filthy, reviewing it as “a prime slice of raunchy fun.” The big wigs behind the scenes are presenting to the youth totally perverted angles on life and incorporating their own perverse views on childhood into the film. Ken Graffeco, the senior vice president of marketing at Universal Studios, confessed: “We’ve tried to reach out to teens by integrating our promotions into their lifestyle, because American Pie is a movie all about teen life.”

The teen life they present is a faulted one that is adhering to the “undermining of traditional sexual order,” as described by America’s most famed sexologist, Alfred Kinsey, also an admirer of Crowley. The Bible teaches propriety and self-restraint as a fruit of the Sprit of God. Satanists teach otherwise.

In total compliance, the Playboy Philosophy cries: “For ourselves any doctrine is evil if it teaches that self denial is preferable to self gratification.” Satan is using television to reach out and huddle the culture into a lifestyle of subjection to the flesh, therefore further insuring that they will follow his plans for them. Another show that caters to the teenage market is Dawson’s Creek. Joshua Jackson, the rising star of the show, gave insight into what kind of forum the show presents:

“I’ve thought from the beginning of the show that the exploration of teenage sexuality is a positive thing. It’s not sensationalistic. It’s more talking about sex than showing actual sex.”

Studies have shown that the majority of teens get their information regarding sex from their peers and from television. Television is saying go for it and move ahead. Teens are listening.

Washington Post reporter Laura Sessions Stepp says that in writing Our Last Best Shot, her book on middle school children, she conversed with young girls who described performing oral sex on boys in schoolyards. Teen sex is fast becoming a walk on eggshells problem that the world is having to face. Us magazine reports on the common shocked response of parents to this fact as well as the source of the problem:

“And when the mothers…hear about this from guidance counselors…they’re ‘blown away’ and ‘dumbfounded.’ ‘Where is this behavior coming from?’ asks one mother, echoing the general feeling of confusion. Well, from almost every where by innuendo. On the new NBC TV show M.Y.O.B., Riley Veatch, the 16 year old main character, explains to her principal that she got a clerk to break into a government computer for her. ‘He committed a federal crime,’ says the principle. ‘Two, after I thanked him,’ the teen responds. Charlotte gets dumped by her boyfriend on Sex and the City because she won’t perform fellatio, and her girlfriends side with the man. In Erin Brokovich, tough talking, Julia Roberts explains to a snotty lawyer that she managed to get 600 petitions signatures by giving ‘600 blow jobs-and I’m tired.’”

Rosie Perez

It’s everywhere. Hollywood is completely obsessed with sex. Even what used to be labeled as family entertainment is not safe. The animated film, The Road to El Dorado, featured the voice of actress Rosie Perez. When she finally saw her character, with a body far beyond that of a Playboy playmate, she was dumbfounded and recalled:

“I was surprised when I saw her. I even told [Dream Works partner] Jeffrey [Katzenberg], ‘Are you sure this is family programming?’”

When filmmakers Rachel and Barak Goodman visited an Atlanta suburb to look into a surprising outbreak of syphilis among 13-17 year olds, they found that one of their main activities involved watching the Playboy Channel, then copying whatever they saw on the screen. Titling their documentary, The Last Children of Rockdale County, the film details the influence television had on the entire town of Rockdale and the carnage of diseases that ruled the day. Hollywood is aiming this material at the youth and adversely effecting their lives. Television executive producer, Richard Welsh, stated: “Networks are determined to reach younger viewers and certain women’s groups. That audience tends to [prefer] the more exploitative movies.” Scores and scores of programs incessantly deal with these and other issues ranging from incest to bestiality to homosexuality and have no intention of quitting until every taboo is broken. If yours and enough other children can be continuously indoctrinated, they will be the generation that abolishes morality of any kind and Crowley’s army of youth will be complete.

Actress Sharon Stone says she’s “studied a myriad of religious philosophies, even Scientology. Ultimately I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a Taoist Buddhist who believes in God.” She takes her Eastern ideologies seriously. When she wanted to get pregnant, she performed an African fertility dance and sprinkled clover flowers and raspberry leaves on her bed. This was to no avail, yet when she finally adopted a boy, she named him Roan Joseph Bronstein – his first name is Celtic for seal, a magical animal in that mythology. With her surrender to occult practices, Stone divulging of her philosophy regarding Christian teachings should come as no surprise:

Sharon Stone

“I believe in Jesus like Buddha, like the Dalai Lama, like Ghandi, lie Martin Luther King Jr., like anybody who’s ever put their trust in humanity before themselves and as a public icon…I believe in the truth of Christ, but I’d be pretty hard pressed to buy the whole immaculate conception, rising and coming back down routine. I don’t believe in sex as sin, or sin in general.”

Some of her movies more than reflect this way of thinking. If These Walls Could Talk 2 she portrayed a lesbian and in Basic Instinct she portrayed a lesbian/sexual aggressor/murderer. The sexual escapades that Hollywood winks at came to life in this sexually aggressive film for its day. It is not bewildering that Stone does not believe in sin, given her view that: “Murder is a very sexual thing.”

The Basic Instinct thriller shocked people across all lines in its graphic portrayal of lust, murder, sex and homosexuality by appealing to the masses through its actors, Michael Douglas and Stone. However, Hollywood views this kind of reprobate material as the norm. Paul Veerhoven, the director of the film, stated this was the only “normal film” he has ever done. Hollywood’s definitions of normal compared with the rest of society dramatically differ. He verifies this statement:

“I use violence because I like violence. I’m not somebody who backs away from violence…I like to see things destroyed…I Like to see what happens when you do something violent to someone else…My tendency is to be ultra realistic with these things…with [the elements of] violence and sex.”

The reason Hollywood’s elite gravitate toward the expression of immoral portrayals is because they have completely espoused these perverted views and have rejected traditional values like commitment in marriage. Susan Surandon believes:

“If someone is very special to you, is it really that important if every now and then he takes off and has a liaison with someone else? I mean, is it really that catastrophic?”

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer holds to a similar idea as well:

“Fidelity is…not that important. Traditional marriage is very outdated. I don’t think people should live together the rest of their lives suppressing frustrations.”

God’s Word differs radically from the skewed projections taught on the silver screen. He desires us to be faithful to our spouses and further commands:

"Therefore, since Christ has suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same purpose, because he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin, so as to live the rest of the time in the flesh no longer for the lusts of men, but for the will of God. For the time already past is sufficient for you to have carried out the desire of the Gentiles, having pursued a course of sensuality, lusts, drunkenness, carousing, drinking parties and abominable idolatries. In all this, they are surprised that you do not run with them into the same excesses of dissipation, and they malign you." –1 Peter 4:1-4

The graphic sex scenes Basic Instinct called for created a contradictory chasm of instruction for the Christian. The then married Michael Douglas, who starred in the scenes said: “I’m your basic flasher. I’ve always loved exposing myself.” (Teen1-99p52) Who are you going to listen to? Who are you going to follow after? The choice is yours to make. Satan is working overtime for your soul and the only shelter from his attack lie in the protective arms of God.