On this special broadcast Pastor Joe Schimmel and host Chad Davidson discuss their favorite books and commentaries that they turn to when studying theology and scripture.

Be sure to check out the list below the video of all of the books they discussed on the show and consider picking up a copy of one or more of these great titles by these excellent authors.

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“No God But One: Allah or Jesus?: A Former Muslim Investigates the Evidence for Islam and Christianity” by Nabeel Qureshi

“The Bible Among the Myths: Unique Revelation or Just Ancient Literature?” by John N. Oswalt

“The Gospel and the Greeks: Did the New Testament Borrow from Pagan Thought?” by Ronald H. Nash

“God’s Rivals: Why Has God Allowed Different Religions? Insights from the Bible and the Early Church” by Gerald R. McDermott

“Disillusioned: Why I Left the Eastern Orthodox Priesthood and Church” by Joshua Schooping

“Against the Darkness: The Doctrine of Angels, Satan, and Demons (Foundations of Evangelical Theology)” by Graham A. Cole

“Romans (Randall House Bible Commentary)” by F. Leroy Forlines & Robert E. Picirilli

“The Epistle to the Hebrews (New International Commentary on the New Testament)” by Gareth Lee Cockerill

“Believer’s Baptism: Sign of the New Covenant in Christ (New American Commentary Studies in Bible and Theology)” by Thomas R. Schreiner & Shawn D. Wright

“Galatians: A Commentary” by Craig S. Keener
https://amzn.to/3jnLbcT (Isaiah 1-39)

“In Light of Eternity: The Life of Leonard Ravenhill” by Mack Tomlinson

“Calvinism: A Biblical and Theological Critique” by David L. Allen & Steve W. Lemke


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