One of the most popular and successful shows to air on television was WB’s Charmed. The show revolved around three sisters who did weekly battle with demons, cast spells, perform rituals, learn magic, conjure spirits, recite incantations and dive into the intricacies of witchcraft. The first show to have a demonologist as a counselor, Charmed succeeded in breaking taboos associated with witchcraft in unprecedented ways. The three ring slanted circles used as the insignia for the show can be found all throughout occult literature. The Book of Shadows used by the sisters to identify demons and perform necessary rituals is also true to life. This book is used by witches and Satanists, or by a coven to record the activities of the group and the incantations used. Leading Wiccan authority and herself a practicing witch, Doreen Valiente, observes:

“This is the name given by modern witches to the book in which they write their rituals, invocations and charms….Such a writing is called a Book of Shadows, because its contents can only be this world’s shadows of the realities of the Other World; the world of magic and the Beyond, the world of gods and spirits.”

Hollywood’s messages are not falling upon deaf ears. The spiritual vacuum our society has created through its rejection of Christianity has yielded a plethora of wicked and detestable practices that effectively prey upon souls. Phyllis Curott, a Wiccan High Priestess, understands just how well the Hollywood evangelists are doing her job. She states:

“Aaron Spelling is a genius at tapping into what’s hot in the culture and witches are enormously hot in the culture. It especially speaks to teenage girls who are seeking empowerment.”

Echoing the lie Satan used in the Garden of Eden, you shall be as gods, Curott explains what teenage girls are being indoctrinated into:


“Witchcraft is goddess spirituality. We have a sense of the Divine as feminine. Witches are priests and priestesses of the goddess…the way of bringing the Divine light within ourselves out and giving it expression.”

This is not fiction as many would like to dismiss it as. Hollywood believes in the projects they present and are willing pawns in the destructive disseminations of witchcraft. Superstar Shannon Doherty, who also portrays a witch on Charmed, proclaimed of her own life: “Recently I’ve come across a bunch of times where I really desperately wanted the power.”

Men may find themselves believing that they are not at risk by watching shows like these. The fact that three women who attempt to appear provocatively beautiful are used is also in accord with satanic doctrine. Church of Satan founder, Anton LaVey, instructs his satanic followers:

“Your first duty as a witch is your appearance. Men are all voyeurs, and most of what they are attracted to is based on what they see. What they see in you, as a witch, must be fascinating and nothing is so fascinating as that which is not meant to be seen…. When it comes to bewitching them, all men are like boys at heart.”

Men beware! You are a target. LaVey has much to say regarding the role of witches in seducing men.

“A naturally good looking girl has the best requirement possible for enchantment….if we are to be honest in recognizing the Satanic laws of indulgence… In practical witchery you must first command attention by your looks. Then you should be able to create an enticement. I want to stress that your image as a witch must be synonymous with enchantment, seduction and fascination which all adds up to glamour…you will have succeeded in throwing your spell. The reason there has always been a fascination for witchcraft and sorcery is because it has consistently considered taboo. Your first duty as a witch is your appearance.”


Is it only a coincidence that the women portrayed on these occult shows dress practically naked in seductive outfits? No, not with demonologists and witches on the movie sets counseling producers, actors and actresses to the ins and outs of the trade. Women, do not imitate the detestable practices of this world. Make sure that you are living pure lives in obedience to God, rather than wasting your purity serving the desires of Satan. The warnings given for men to guard their eyes against lust and temptation take on new meaning when one sees that their sinful tendencies are being exploited to the fullest. Not only exploited but also taken advantage of as the occult goals are to lure men in through sexual enticement. Proverbs 6:26 says "the whorish woman reduces you to a loaf of bread, and the adulteress preys upon your very life." Men, understand that you are being hunted by the spirit world and that wayward women are used to propel ones departure from the hand of God. Your very life is being sought out right now. If you are involved with viewing material that is suggestive in nature, occult or not, be aware that you are lifting your spiritual neck up just high enough for the demonic realm to slit your spiritual throat. The enemy is always waiting for you to lapse away in your faith by chasing after sinful desires against clear Biblical warnings.

The Scriptures continue to warn us and speak strongly of Satan’s menace: Satan’s nature is as a roaring lion that is seeking someone to devour. Ever seen a lion shred its prey as it struggles to get away? Teeth 2-3 inches thick sink into the neck, collapsing the windpipe, while at the same time severing the lifeline jugular that transports blood to the brain. Satan is after your faith, your jugular, your lifeline to God, and will not be slow in severing it should you allow him to do so. Jesus spoke of the parable of the sower whose scattered seed fell by the rocky soil and sprouted up. This is a picture of the believer, the Scripture taking root in the heart through faith. However, Jesus commented:

"Those on the rocky soil are those who, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and these have no firm root; they believe for a while, and in time of temptation fall away." –Luke 8:13

Do not let Hollywood poison the growing of your faith and cause you to turn away from the True and Living God.