Hello! I recieved your video in the mail and watched it immediately with my brother (18), stepsister (21) and my dad. My oldest brother especially found it really revealing because he listens to a lot of that music but also goes to church and has faith in God. He likes AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, but he’s watched your whole video twice and sworn off that music. My sister is not convinced. She’s really hooked on Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Korn and bands like that. She watched the video but it was almost like something evil came over her – she turned it into a joke and got really interested in reading about people selling their souls. She recently bought more books about Satanism even though she’s never practiced it and always says it’s stupid. I worry; maybe you could pray for her?

I gave up my rock music completely. One of my close friends did too. We threw our albums into the garbage and decided not to have anything to do with that crap anymore. What’s the point? It just sucks us in and the bands don’t care what happens to us. It’s creepy. My sister was watching a program called “Driven” which MTV showed about Marilyn Manson. One of his former friends was asked if it was all an act or onstage persona, and the guy said no. He said Manson was possessed and taken over by the “Marilyn Manson” persona. That’s scary, I don’t want to be a slave to evil like that, but my sister has the “hardened heart” mentioned in the video. She thinks it’s all a joke, or cool. I’m scared.

Sincerely, you’ve made a difference in my life. The video made me question everything I was into and realize that even pop music that didn’t seem evil was really Satanic. Another friend of mine agrees, we’re giving it up. I’ve become interested in learning more about God, but one thing bothers me. Ever since watching the video I’ve been spooked, feeling nervous. Do you think I’ve become paranoid? I know that wasn’t the video’s intention.

Thanks, by the way. I’ll write back soon. I’d like to watch the video again in a few weeks and see if my attitude is different by then. Also, hoping my sister will come around. Thanks!