With all the compromise in the church and the confusion in the world regarding the subject of homosexuality, Ray Comfort’s incredible new film Audacity not only addresses the issue compassionately and truthfully, but also encourages and entertains in the process.

By avoiding the two unbiblical extremes of Joel Osteen’s “Here no evil, see no evil” and Westborough Baptist’s “hate the sin and hate the sinner even more,” Audacity offers a biblically balanced view of this difficult subject matter and gives excellent pointers and apologetics for Christians along the way.

Audacity will greatly help those who want to better navigate through dangerous cultural land mines to share the gospel with those who are enslaved to what have become culturally justifiable and publicly celebrated sins.

After a few minutes the film not only captivated me, but by the end it blind-sided me! Not with just one, but with two intriguing twists! I already shared Audacity with the congregation I pastor and believe that everyone who loves the Lord and wants to reach the lost with His saving gospel would be incredibly blessed by seeing and sharing this amazing film! We are happy to share this great production with our fans.

Ray Comfort’s new film will be available for paid download on June 24, 2015 and then free on YouTube two months later.

As one reviewer wrote:

For more info visit: www.AudacityMovie.com

For His glory,
Joe Schimmel