Many people are wondering how it is that the MTV "reality" program about the dysfunctional family, "The Osbourne’s," could garner such enormous success as to have MTV groveling in up to 8 million viewers per airing. Others are wondering how Ozzy Osbourne could possibly be praised by President George Bush and former Vice President Dan Quayle, not to mention be named as “Father of the Year” in at least one magazine. Some would claim that they like The Osbourne’s because viewing such a muddled and chaotic family makes them feel better about their own family. Others would claim, sadly, that the show has such appeal because watching a former drug addled rock star hobble around his house barking out expletives and being berated by both wife and children is entertaining.

More To The Picture Than Meets The Eye

Ozzy Osbourne was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame by none other than Satanist Marilyn Manson, who said of Ozzy, “This star right here proves that it’s quite obvious that Ozzy has managed to succeed…despite his various crimes against God and nature.” God’s word tells us that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of wickedness in high places (Eph. 6:12 ). We are told that Satan is the "god of this world" who blinds the minds of the lost to the "glorious gospel of Jesus Christ," (2 Cor. 4:4 ). God’s word tells us that Satan is "the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient." (Eph. 2:2 ) Thus Satan is adept at using willing people to his own end. Ozzy was the front man of Black Sabbath who pioneered Heavy Metal in the late 60’s and throughout the 1970’s. After selling several million albums with Sabbath, Ozzy was fired and took up a solo career and sold over 70 million albums in the 80’s and 90’s. Now, in the 21’st century, Ozzy is the “star” of MTV’s most successful show ever. To be sure, Satan has received a lot of mileage out of Ozzy Osbourne.

President Bush Honors Leading Terrorist

Unbelievably, President Bush went out of his way to honor Ozzy Osbourne and his music at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner. Much to the Bush administrations chagrin, Ozzy was said to have almost stolen the show.

Before I continue in regards to the President of the United States and Ozzy Osbourne I must say this, the scriptures command us to pray for our leaders. We at Fight the Good Fight Ministries take this quite seriously and continually pray for the President and his staff. We want to encourage you, the reader, to do so as well. Please understand that the following is not written to bash the President, rather out of concern, to bring to your attention to what we feel was hopefully the result of bad decision by the President to follow along with what was written by a script writer or perhaps in an attempt to be funny on his own. Nevertheless, we believe his actions were highly negligent and must be brought to the public’s attention.

Incredibly, President Bush heaped praise upon Ozzy Osbourne for his “accomplishments” like an MTV-VJ. Ozzy who has helped Satan lead untold millions to destruction via drugs, occultism, rebellion and Satanism was given a respectable facelift by Bush before the world media. Ozzy’s wife Sharon said in response to Bush’s honoring of Ozzy, “What can you say? It’s the most incredible thing that he would even mention Ozzy. It’s a bit overwhelming.” Bush praised Ozzy for a string of hits stating, “The thing about Ozzy is, he’s made a lot of big hit recordings…’Party With the Animals,’ ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,’ ‘Facing Hell,’ ‘Black Skies’ and ‘Bloodbath in Paradise.’ Ozzy, Mom loves your stuff.”

Sadly, while Bush has spent millions of the taxpayer’s money fighting against international terrorism he has given moral support and public honor to one of the most accomplished spiritual terrorists and corrupters of youth the world has ever known. For Bush to Support one who unabashedly glorifies evil and praises Satan is unconscionable. Nationally syndicated columnist Joseph Farah stated poignantly of Bush’s praise of Ozzy:

“Satanic lyrics, evil worldview, disgusting mouth, no musical ability, drug abuse. This is Osbourne. He is a depraved moral terrorist, seducing young kids who don’t know any better into deadly lifestyles. President Bush knew all this, but still felt it was appropriate to acknowledge him for special attention at the dinner last week.” –Joseph Farah, The Ozzy and Dubya show, 2002

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

The meaning behind the songs that President Bush praised Ozzy for are alarming to say the least. Ozzy’s song, “Party With The Animals,” is self-explanatory yet it is worth looking at just a few of the lyrics of some of the others. The song “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,” which Bush mentioned, is about a man overcome by demonic powers and on his way to hell. In fact the front of the album, by the same title, has a man being terrorized by demons while lying in bed with "666" emblazoned on his headboard (see pic, right). President Bush also praised Ozzy for the song “Bloodbath In Paradise”. Incredibly, this song relishes in and glorifies the Charles Manson murders:

“Your comin’ home
there’s blood on the walls
When Charlie and the Family made house calls…

…As you lie bleeding, murdered in your bed…

But no one wakes when Charlie creeps behind, YEAH!
Execution, Halts your breath,
Helter Skelter, spiral death, YEAH!”

In another song that Bush mentioned when giving praise to Ozzy, “Facing Hell,” Ozzy sings about how he is facing eternal judgment in hell for his wicked ways:

“Evil one is coming and he’s knocking on your door cause today is the day you pay…I’m praying that you’ll never know that I’m facing hell.”

Sadly, Vice President Dan Quayle has stated that the Osbourne family exemplifies “good family values”. What is this world coming to? MTV not only gives a steady diet of music promoting the destruction of the family unit to its young and naive audience but also holds up Ozzy’s family as yet another weapon to erode the family. Ozzy’s hero, Satanist Aleister Crowley called, the family “Public Enemy Number One”. Ozzy praised Satanist Aleister Crowley and even wrote a song about Him. In Ozzy’s song “Mr. Crowley” he sings about Crowley “waiting on Satan’s call”. Ozzy went so far as to dedicate his album Blizzard of Oz to Aleister Crowley, stating:

“I really learned to believe in the devil. I dedicated The Blizzard of Oz to Aleister Crowley.” –From Rock to Rock, Eric Barger, p.133

Does MTV Own Your Children?

Ozzy Osbourne who is now a dinosaur by rock and roll standards is still being used by MTV to influence still millions of more youth. MTV is after our children. If you are a young person, MTV is after you. MTV wants to own you and other youth as their mindless robots! If you think that such a strong accusation is mere conjecture, consider the startling admission made by Bob Pittman, founder and former president of MTV. Pittman outlined a simple two-point plan whereby MTV would be able to accomplish its objective in gaining ownership of our children. The plan was basic, (1) “get their emotions going,” (2) “make them forget their logic,” and the result will be MTV will “own them”. This is no more than a basic brainwashing technique. Pittman stated:

“The strongest appeal you can make is emotionally. If you can get their emotions going, make them forget their logic, you’ve got them. At MTV, we don’t shoot for the 14-year olds, we own them!” –MTV is Rock Around the Clock, Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 3, 1982

For Pittman and MTV the rape of millions of young persons minds was mere child play. Music-television would end up being a powerful tool for transformation and generations of youth have been effectively ruined with MTV’s propaganda. MTV is now using Ozzy Osbourne and family to influence millions of viewers.

Ozzy Osbourne: Servant of Satan!

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne was a high school drop out and juvenile delinquent who spent time in prison for theft before he made his deal with the devil. Osbourne claims that he was drawn to Satan from the time of his childhood:

“I’ve always had this thing about Satan from the time I was small…The Devil is within us all the time. ” –Circus, Aug. 26, 1980, p. 26

Sadly, Ozzy sought to find acceptance and success by opening himself up to dark satanic powers that are always seeking to exploit willing and open mediums. Ozzy would admit at the pinnacle of his success with Black Sabbath that he believed he was a medium for forces greater than himself who had given him such fame and accomplishment. Ozzy stated:

“I don’t know if I’m a medium for some outside source. Whatever it is, frankly, I hope it’s not what I think … Satan.” –Hit Parader, Feb. 1975, p. 24

Ozzy has continued to serve Satan because of the worldly success he has been rewarded for his eternal soul. Most people are not aware that Black Sabbath was named after a Satanic being that appeared at the foot of Sabbath’s bass player, "Geezer" Butler’s, bed. This satanic being has been called Black Sabbath’s “fifth mystical member”. The demonic spirit entity has been credited for channeling Sabbath’s first three albums. Sabbath opened themselves up to these satanic forces after Terry "Geezer" Butler had already immersed himself in the occult. Butler’s descent into Satanism began after reading occultic literature, which inspired him to turn his home into a satanic shrine in veneration of the Devil. Butler admitted:

“I read a magazine [on black magic] and thought, ‘Oh yea, I never thought of it like that’-Satan’s point of view. I just started reading more and more…I’d been having loads of these experiences since I was a child and finally I was reading stuff that was explaining them. It led me into reading about the whole thing-black magic, white magic, and every sort of magic. I found out Satanism was around before any of it and was putting upside-down crosses on my wall and pictures of Satan all over. I painted my apartment black was getting really involved in it and all of these horrible things started happening to me. You come to a point where you cross over and totally follow it and totally forget about Jesus and God.” –Seconds magazine, 1996, Issue 39, p. 64

Black Sabbath: Satan’s "Chosen One"

After Butler had forgotten about “Jesus and God” and jumped headlong into Satanism his friend, Ozzy Osbourne, had given Butler yet another book on “black magic”. Ozzy’s gift was said to precipitate a decisive mystical experience and transformation of consciousness. Butler had a visitation by a powerful demonic principality and discovered that he and the band that was soon to be called Black Sabbath were the “chosen one” to take Satan’s message to the masses. Butler stated:

“I just got this really weird vibe off it [the book] and I put it in this cupboard of the apartment I was living in and that night I just woke up and there was this black shape at the bottom of my bed…the next day I told Ozzy about it and about three days after that we came up with our first song Black Sabbath and Ozzy just related my experience in the lyrics.” –Terry Butler, video interview

We find out how Butler and Ozzy understood the meaning of this experience in the lyrics to the song “Black Sabbath,” wherein it is stated:

“What is this that stands before me?
Figure in black which points at me,
Turn ’round quick and start to run,
Big black shape with eyes of fire,
Telling people their desire

It would be a very short time after this initial satanic visitation that Sabbath would be catapulted to colossal success and end up being used to construct a new musical genre called Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal would be used by Satan to turn countless millions of unsuspecting youth on to Satanism, drugs, sexual perversion, blasphemy, the occult, violence, murder, animal and human sacrifice, suicide and the breakdown of the family. God only knows how many eternal souls are now writhing in hell as a result of Black Sabbath and Heavy Metal. Rock stars have gone on record in their admissions regarding selling their souls to Satan for fame, power and money as we have documented in our video, They Sold Their Souls for Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Sabbath: Channeling Satan’s Music

Looking back on Sabbath’s gargantuan success Sabbath guitarist, Tony Iommi, who has said, “sometimes I feel Satan is God”, admitted:

“We’ve always, within the band, said that there is a fifth member, a mystical member. That there’s somebody looking over us.” (Ibid.)

The band became more and more cognizant of the fact that dark demonic forces were seeking to use them as robotic mediums when they realized that the same satanic forces were using all of them:

“While rehearsing new material, the band formerly known as Earth experienced a supernatural experience. Geezer and Tony were playing new riffs for Ozzy and Bill when, much to everyone’s surprise, they both strummed the same notes at the same tempo – although neither had ever before heard the other one play the piece!” –Black Sabbath: The Ozzy Osbourne Years, p. 8

The demonic beings who were using Sabbath and are still using countless musicians in the music industry made it known to the band not only through the "automatic writing" of lyrics and music but through demonic visitations that each band member experienced:

Black Sabbath

“Geezer’s encounters with the supernatural continued. During recording of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath in Bel Air, the bassist felt an ominous presence fill his bedroom. He looked up to see several specters glaring at him from above with overpowering effect. Awash with fear, he immediately awakened Bill, Tony, and Ozzy to tell them what had happened. Geezer soon discovered that all of his fellow bandmates had experienced similar events…To Sabbath it was obvious that a dark, ominous cloud was looming over them.” (Ibid. p. 19)

Bill Ward, Black Sabbath’s drummer, admitted:

“The only way I can describe that, probably the best way for me, is that when we were playing our first songs together and especially the first three albums for instance, we would literally show up in a room and it was almost as if the songs were already written. That’s why I like to call Black Sabbath a phenomena rather than a band. Although it is a rock and roll band there is a phenomena involved there where that stuff just comes from somewhere and it just so happened the we happened to be the ones that it came to.” –Video interview, see They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll)

Ward also stated that it was this mysterious:

“…higher power or something, that was actually doing the work. I’ve often thought of us just being actually the earthly beings that played the music because it was uncanny.” –Mike Stark, Black Sabbath An Oral History, p. 7

After Sabbath realized that they were Satan’s “chosen one” they came out with their first album entitled, Black Sabbath. While Sabbath enjoyed huge success praising Satan they also mocked Jesus Christ and burned several bibles while in their hotel rooms. Ozzy stated:

“I mean all this Bible burning…We’d get drunk and [expletive] burn the Gideon’s Bible in the hotel room!” –Harry Shaw, Ozzy Talking, p. 114

On the liner notes on Black Sabbath’s Reunion album it is stated that:

“Black Sabbath was launched in the US with a party in San Francisco with the head of the church of Satan, Anton LaVey, presiding over proceedings…All of a sudden Sabbath were Satan’s Right Hand Men.” –Liner notes, Black Sabbath’s Reunion album

Sabbath left little to the imagination when they entitled one of their albums; We Sold Our soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll! In fact Ozzy Osbourne’s song “Selling My Soul” is par for the course. The song, like the song “Black Sabbath,” appears to be biography of his demonic encounter and rejection of the one true God:

Black Sabbath

“Man of madness who lives in my head
Keeping me awake at night, he sits on my bed
He drives me crazy he won’t go away…
Suicidal thoughts crying out for some sleep
Tempting you is what I’m about…
I don’t read the holy books cause
they take me no where…I’ve paid the price now for
Selling my soul, selling my soul. Yeah, selling my soul…
Yeah, for selling my soul ”

Ozzy Osbourne And Demonic Possession

Ozzy Osbourne has been quite troubled with the fact that the demons that possess him sometimes so take over his body that he is capable of killing others. Ozzy not only sought to kill his wife but she once found him under a bar clutching a knife after he had killed 17 of their cats! Ozzy has acknowledged that he believed that Satan possessed him and stated that he could relate to the character played by Linda Blair in The Exorcist:

“I really wish I knew why I’ve done some of the things I’ve done over the years. Sometimes I think that I’m possessed by some outside spirit. A few years ago, I was convinced of that – I thought I truly was possessed by the devil. I remember sitting through the Exorcist a dozen times, saying to myself, ‘Yeah, I can relate to that.’” –Hit Parader, Nov., 1984, p. 49

Ozzy has admitted:

“I’ve got many, many demons that affect me on many, many levels…” –Harry Shaw, Ozzy Talking, p. 126

Sadly, these demonic beings are using Ozzy for destructive purposes as they seek to lead his fans to hell as well as destroy those who would be influenced by his life style. In fact Ozzy’s hand holding with the devil almost terminated the life of his wife Sharon. Last year Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon explained to Barbara Walters Ozzy’s attempt to murder her:

“I was downstairs reading. He came down with just his underpants on. And he’s like, ‘We’ve come to a decision.’ And I’m like, ‘We’ve’? And he said ‘You have to die’. And then he just dived on me and got me down…and was just strangling me. But he was gone. There were blinkers on his eyes. He had gone. It wasn’t Ozzy.” –20/20, Barbara Walters, Nov. 6, 2002

In case you are wondering whom Ozzy is referring to when he states, “We’ve come to a decision…You have to die,” Ozzy was referring to the demonic beings possessing him. Sharon Osbourne went on to explain to Barbara Walters:

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

“He’s just got this demon inside of him. He just can’t get rid of these little people that live in his head.” –20/20, Barbara Walters, Nov. 6, 2002

Sharon is never quite sure what demonic spirit will manifest when living with Ozzy. People magazine quoted Sharon Osbourne lamenting that living with Ozzy Osborne is like:

“…living with several different people…he’ll turn into this Jekyll and Hyde monster. I never know what I’m going to wake up with” –People Magazine, July, 10, 1989, p. 94

Satan used Sabbath to continue his assault on the young and impressionable by indoctrinating them into destructive lifestyles and beckoning young people to open their hearts to Satan worship. I remember as a teenager that Sabbath’s music with its relentless dark rhythms and satanic themes quickly became among our favorite party music. We sensed the incredible power in the music but were clueless to the reality of the satanic forces that held us spellbound and were hurling us toward certain destruction. It was by God’s grace and intervention that several of my friends and myself were rescued from eternal perdition before it was to late.

Sadly, millions more are still in bondage to satanic music and need to know the truth before it is too late. In a concert held in Ontario Canada Black Sabbath was reported to go as far as giving an altar call, encouraging their fans to turn to Satan.

Sabbath removed any guesswork regarding their desire to turn the world’s youth to their lord Satan. In their song “N.I.B.” the forces that used Ozzy as a medium pleaded with Sabbath’s millions of young and impressionable fans to take Satan’s hand and follow him:

Ozzy Osbourne

“Some people say my love cannot be true
please believe me, my love, and I’ll show you
I will give you those things you thought unreal
The sun, the moon, the stars all bear my seal

Follow me now and you will not regret
leaving the life you led before we met
You are the first to have this love of mine
forever with me ’till the end of time…

Look into my eyes, you will see who I am

Now I have you with me, under my power
Our love grows stronger now with every hour
Look into my eyes, you will see who I am

Ozzy’s influence on countless young people toward Satanism with lyrics like those above is apparent. Ozzy boasts “…the kids are coming up and saying, ‘Hey Ozzy, Satan Rules’” –Harry Shaw, Ozzy Talking, p. 87

The lyrics above represent Satan’s lie. It is true that Satan offers a measure of "success" in this world but he cannot give the universe. The money and fame he offers in this world is but temporary and then those gullible enough to play the devil’s game must pay for eternity. "Lucifer" of course is one of Satan’s many names (Isaiah 14:12 ) and means "shining one". Lucifer played a significant role in bringing worship to God before He sought to rob God of His glory and direct worship to himself (Ezek. 28:13-19 ). Jesus Christ stated that Hell was created for the devil and his angels (Matthew 25:41 ). But Satan hates God’s creation and wants to bring as many people to hell with him as possible. Black Sabbath, or at least the satanic forces using Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath, recognized that they had been successful in drawing many young people to Satan through their music. In their song, “Master of Reality,” Black Sabbath fans are mockingly told that they have succumbed to Satan’s power over their lives:

“Your soul is ill, but you will not find a cure
Your world was made for you by someone above
But you choose evil ways instead of love
You made me [Satan] master of the world where you exist
The soul I took from you was not even missed
Lord of this world…evil possessor…He’s your confessor now! ”

Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley

Spin magazine recently pointed out that Ozzy Osbourne’s has an autographed copy of one of Satanists Aleister Crowley’s books. This should not be such a surprise, as Osbourne wrote a song glorifying Crowley, aptly titled “Mr. Crowley”. Osbourne also dedicated his album Blizzard of Oz to Aleister Crowley (from Rock to Rock, p. 133). Crowley not only did rituals wherein he crucified frogs calling them "Jesus" and himself Satan while torturing them but wrote extensively about sacrificing children to Satan for power. If Ozzy has sacrificed anything beyond the dove whose head he bit off to gain more notoriety the public at large will probably not know of it until judgment day as it will probably not be aired anytime soon on MTV. One thing though that is a fact is that Osbourne has done Satan’s bidding by his own admission. Moreover he has helped to sacrifice untold multitudes of souls to Satan as he has been used as a pawn to draw them into Satan’s destructive web.

Ozzy’s Suicide Solution

One should also consider the fact that Ozzy’s influence goes far beyond the occult. The demons that possess Ozzy not only inspired him to murder his own wife and take his own life but they channel music through Ozzy that encourages his millions of fans to not only live lives in rebellion to God but to take their own lives. Parents of children who claimed that Ozzy’s song "Suicide Solution" inspired their children to kill themselves sued Ozzy repeatedly but unsuccessfully. Ozzy’s "Suicide Solution" declares:

“Evil thoughts and evil doings
Cold, alone you hang in ruins
Thought that you’d escape the reaper
You can’t escape the Master Keeper…
Where to hide, suicide is the only way out ”

One boy, 19-year-old, John McCollum was found dead after shooting himself in the head while listening to Ozzy’s Suicide Solution. Still compressed on his head were headphones with Ozzy’s Suicide Solution coming out of the speakers. The Times reported that paramedics and officials at local hospitals in Los Angeles were swamped with emergency as a result of Ozzy’s concerts. Some of these visits resulted in death. (Times, June 16, 1986) The McCollum’s attorney said that he had received “at least 20 phone calls from parents indicating their kids committed suicide – not just listening to rock music but specifically to Ozzy Osbourne.” John mcCollum’s brokenhearted father lamented:

“They know what they are putting out . . .They have no hesitation to sell your kids down the drain . . . you see a perfectly normal kid there who doesn’t show any signs of depression at all – happy. Then six hours later, he’s dead. Nobody can explain it. The only thing we know is that he was listening to this music.”

Ozzy Osbourne callously dismissed all the lawsuits referring to those who had committed suicides as freaks:

“Parents have called me and said, ‘When my son died of a drug over-dose, your record was on the turntable.’ I can’t help that. These people are freaking out anyway, and they need a vehicle for the freakouts.”

Ozzy Osbourne

Only the most ignorant or those in denial would claim that a song with suggestive lyrics about suicide, sung with passion by ones rock hero could not push adolescents who battle with deep emotional problems over the edge. The Institute for Bio-Acoustics Research, Inc. (IBAR) evaluated the song “Suicide Solution” in one of the court hearings. IBAR discovered subliminal lyrics that were not printed on the lyric sheet. The subliminal lyrics they found declared, “Why try, why try? Get the gun and try it! Shoot, Shoot, Shoot”. After the command to kill oneself IBAR found that there is then hideous laughter. The IBAR institute reported that the subliminal lyrics were recorded one and one-half times slower than normal and would only be understood after hearing the song several times. IBAR stated that the subliminal lyrics “are audible enough that their meaning and true intent becomes clear after being listened to over and over again.” IBAR’s intense investigation of the song also revealed that “Suicide Solution” contained hemisync tones, which “result from a patented process that uses sound waves to influence an individual’s mental state. The tones have been found to increase the rate at which the human brain assimilates and processes information.” IBAR stated that the use of hemisync tones contributed to John McCollum’s vulnerability to Ozzy’s lyrics suggesting Suicide.

Perhaps an answer to John McCollum’s father as too how his son could change from a seemingly happy child overnight to committing suicide can be understood when one realizes the power of music. Medical Dr. and brain specialist, Richard Pelegrino, who is a consultant to the entertainment industry, in an article for Billboard magazine speaks of the incomparable power of music upon the human brain, stating that music has the uncanny power to “…trigger a flood of human emotions and images that have the ability to instantaneously produce very powerful changes in emotional states.” Pellegrino went on to state:

“Take it from a brain guy. In twenty-five years of working with the brain, I still cannot affect a persons state of mind the way that one simple song can.” –Billboard, January 23 1999

Newsweek in an article entitled, Music and the Brain, declared that,“ "Scientists are finding that the human brain is pre-wired for music.” (Newsweek, July 24, 2000, p. 51) Newsweek went on to report that, “The temporal lobes of the brain, just behind the ears, act as the music center…The brain seems to be a sponge for music and, like a sponge in water, is changed by it.” (Ibid. p. 51) Thus the latest scientific research suggests that ones brain after listening to songs about suicide can indeed become suicidal. We will remember MTV founder Bob Pittman’s plan to brainwash the children, (1) “get their emotions going,” (2) “make them forget their logic” and then “own them”. This is apparently what happened to John McCollum and many others who have been influenced to take their lives by songs that suggest suicide. Moreover, the music to “Suicide Solution” is haunting and depressing and seems to be calculated to encourage suicide. Besides the obvious suggestions of the lyrics, “Where to hide, suicide is the only way out,” and the subliminals, “Why try, why try? Get the gun and try it! Shoot, Shoot, Shoot,” the music ingeniously, if not demonically, produces an overpowering and suffocating atmosphere that could be prone to push those who are already vulnerable over the edge. In fact Robert Walser, who teaches in the Department of Musicology at UCLA stated the following in a candid assessment of the musical construction of Ozzy Osbourne’s Suicide Solution:

“’Suicide Solution’ is very carefully crafted to produce an AFFECT OF DESPAIR AND FUTILITY. The song is built around a syncopated power chord riff, played at a morose, plodding tempo. Pulsing bass notes propel each square phrase inexorably into the next, while Osbourne’s whiny voice, double-tracked to blur its pitch, repeats sneering, descending lines. Other chords slide inevitably back to the power chord on A; in spite of their syncopated energy, they can never escape. In the bridge section of the song, brutal, unexpected punches form an irrational, disorienting pattern, accompanying the lines ‘Cause you feel life’s unreal and your living a lie’…The harmonic motion of the guitar chords again is a struggle up away from the tonic pedal which is always defeated…the chords are always forced back to the tonic, accompanied by screams and moans…The fact that there are no guitar solo’s in ‘Suicide Solution’ represents a significant exception to the rule, for heavy metal songs almost invariably have them…The solo allows the listener to identify with the controlling power without being threatened, because the solo can transcend anything. ‘Suicide Solution,’ however, gains in impact by frustrating this norm; there is power and intensity of existence but no freedom. The song depicts a situation (which the text attributes to alcoholism) of frustration, OF INTENSE NEED BALKED BY NO OPTIONS FOR ACTION SAVE SUICIDE. ‘Suicide Solution’ also ends unusually; indeed, I do not know of another song with a comparable ending…Near the end, the bass line finally changes, MOVING TO A HEARTBEAT PATTERN. The guitar’s activities are reduced to demented noise, crazed sounds from all over sonic space. A cry from the guitar is stifled at the very end. The ending suggests neither continuing forever through a standard fade-out nor assertive closure, the metal norm; IT ENDS UNCOMFORTABLY, SNUFFING ITSELF. Throughout the song, the timbre of Osbourne’s voice is ironic, mocking. His vocals move sometimes quickly across the stereo field, from left to right and back again, A SCARY, DISORIENTING EFFECT, ESPECIALLY ON HEADPHONES. Other metal songs, and other kinds of music, too, have made such use of space to construct a paranoid’s experience of persecution.”

Granted, Ozzy Osbourne is probably not intelligent enough to have orchestrated such a demonically disorienting assault as ‘Suicide Solution’ but this only goes to deepen our understanding of the satanic forces that are using such rock stars. Demonic forces that Jesus said have come to, "steal, kill and destroy." (John 10:10 ) It was made clear at the beginning of this expose that God’s word declares that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood but against the satanic forces that are using them to destroy our children. We also quoted Ozzy’s admission that he believes he is a medium for Satan.

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy almost committed suicide after being fired by Black Sabbath. He dragged his first wife, Thelma around by the hair. In 1989 Osbourne was charged with threatening to kill his current wife Sharon Arden. At one point Ozzy nearly strangled her to death. Satan has given the MTV audience a kinder and gentler Ozzy now fit for public consumption as he has abandoned his former drugs of choice and has been toned down by Prozac and is currently taking 200 milligrams of the antidepressant Zoloff. Ozzy is now somewhat subdued and Satan is able to take millions of people to the edge without Ozzy actually going over yet suggesting to millions of others that there are no serious consequences to such a wicked lifestyle. The fantasy ends when Ozzy has to pay the piper to whom he has sold his soul. Sadly, the demonic forces that are admittedly using Ozzy do not have to get their audience of millions to sell their souls to Satan, they need only seek to keep them from being saved from eternal punishment by keeping them from repenting and coming saving faith in Jesus Christ. The Osbourne’s is yet one of many seductive ways to do it!

Family Values Or Satanic Values!

Ozzy Osbourne is revealed in MTV’s The Osbourne’s as a sad caricature of his old self. A shell of a person who, when he is not sleeping walks around as little more than a shell of a person whose mumbled sentences are often laced with disgraceful profanity. He sadly prances around with a drug-addled mind murmuring sacrilege blasphemies and leading not only his children to hell but also millions of others who delight in his persona rather than pray for one who desperately needs salvation. Ozzy’s excuses his ungodly behavior and rhetoric by stating, “I know I’m dysfunctional by a long shot, but what Guidelines do we have to go by? The Walton’s?”. To tell the truth American Society and Hollywood have definitely strayed from at least a semblance of morality found in earlier family programming like Leave it to Beaver, My Three Sons and Father knows Best. Episodes, which claim to be reality TV, have 6 cameras set up all over his household recording the average day at the Osbourne mansion. One episode shows Ozzy and his family throwing things in their next-door neighbors yard. This does not stop until Ozzy throws a brick through their window and the police arrive. The program like a cartoon leads viewers to believe that they can live a life like the Osbourne’s and be free of consequences both temporal and eternal. The truth of the matter is that most of those who have adopted Ozzy’s lifestyle have long been dead and Ozzy is an exception and by no means the rule. Ozzy Osbourne by his own admission is a miserable person who has no real joy. Ozzy has not only been in a mental institution but has attempted suicide several times to cope with his deep seated depression and the ever tormenting voices of the demons that possess him.

Ozzy knows he should be dead because of his rebellion against God. Yet he lives another day to help lead another generation to destruction. Rock stars who on the average do not live past fifty years of age. Ozzy realizes that like so many before him who met a horrifying end, he to should be dead. Ozzy has stated:

Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Marilyn Manson

“The list is endless, the number of guys that either committed suicide, OD’d, shot themselves, [expletive] drowned, fell of the [expletive] this or that, or got in a car wreck, or just never woke up, you know, choked on their own vomit, froze to death, set themselves on fire. For every Ozzy Osbourne, there’s [expletive] ten dead bodies: Bon Scott, John Bonham. Randy Rhodes.”

Rolling Stone asked Michael J. Bradley, a liberal Philadelphia clinical psychologist supposedly specializing in adolescence, “What [are] ‘The Osbourne’s’ teaches us about parenting”. His assessment was disturbing to say the least. While he did acknowledge that the Osbourne “parents had become the children. The adults were out of control.” He also said:

“The kids use the f-word every third word…They let their kids finish these profanity laced sentences, and in doing so they are helping the kids figure out their own feelings…It was amazing to watch Ozzy sit there and let his daughter berate him, which is so hard to do. That was a wonderful thing.”

The aforementioned quote is proof positive that even so-called professionals have cast Ozzy as a role model for the left. Or should we say the Left-Hand Path! This is the kind of rhetoric we get when we allow the patients to run the asylum. Ozzy is seen as a Father who has abdicated his responsibility to lead his children into a life of righteousness. The Osbourne’s are often seen allowing their children to rebel. Sometimes they speak out to no avail only to allow their children to continue to rebel even more. They treat their children’s drunkenness, so-called casual sex and profanity with indifference at best at with glee at worst. Sadly, it is not only their own children that they are helping down the greased pole to hell but by the example they provide millions of other undiscerning parents and children they are helping the evil one lead countless other impressionable and awestruck minds down the same pole. Lest one falls for the delusion that media has little power or influence over an audience we need only remember that Sabbath got started as Geezer Butler’s young impressionable mind was plunged into spiritual decadence that began with just one magazine. Butler admitted:

Geezer Butler
"Geezer" Butler

“I read a magazine [on black magic] and thought, ‘Oh yea, I never though of it like that’-Satan’s point of view…It led me into reading about the whole thing-black magic…[I was] putting upside-down crosses on my wall and pictures of Satan all over. I painted my apartment black was getting really involved in it and all of these horrible things started happening to me. You come to a point where you cross over and totally follow it and totally forget about Jesus and God.” –Seconds magazine, 1996, Issue 39, p. 64

We documented at the beginning of this article that MTV wants your children. MTV has sought to create its own culture through the power of television and music. By wedding two of the most powerful forces in the world (music and television) they have influenced millions of children toward ungodliness.

Sadly, the Roman Catholic Church has been guilty of harboring child molesters who have for years been molesting hundreds of children. The outrage has been a sign that the American public still has a small vestige of a vanishing conscience. Yet where is the outrage over MTV’s raping of millions of children’s minds and souls. Our children are drowning in a cesspool of immoral filth and pollution, which is destroying their futures. Jesus warns the greedy that exploit children’s souls to make money and lead them into sin whether it be a Catholic priest, MTV or Ozzy Osbourne. In fact God’s judgment will be powerful and unrelenting. Jesus Christ Himself warned:

"But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea." –Matthew 18:6

Eternity With Ozzy Osbourne Or Jesus Christ?

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy has often given naive Christians an excuse to justify listening to his music by saying “God bless you” at the end of his concerts and at other times. Many rock and rap artists use this ploy to sound sanctimonious when in reality there hearts belong to the evil one. God’s word warns that those who mention God with their mouths but are far from Him in heart are on their way to eternal judgment (Matthew 7:13-21 ). Ozzy Osbourne as the pied piper that he is would have you believe that hell is actually a nice place. In fact we show footage of one of his concerts in our video They Sold Their Soul’s for Rock and Roll wherein Ozzy Osbourne tells his fans that if they go to hell with him they will have a great time because he will be there with them. How empty Ozzy Osbourne’s promise will be when those who have followed such a ridiculous belief system die and begin the screams of eternal torment that will last for eternity.

If you refuse to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in faith you to will experience the awful judgment of God. God’s Word states of those who refuse to be cleansed by the precious blood of Christ that He shed on the cross that they can only expect:

"…a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God…It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God…for our "God is a consuming fire." –Hebrews 10:27, 31; 12:29

"…he, too, will drink of the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. He will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment rises for ever and ever. There is no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and his image, or for anyone who receives the mark of his name." –Revelation 14:10-12

Dear reader, Who would you rather follow, Satan who hates you to the core and is jealous of the fact that Christ died to save you and will do everything in his power to keep you from being saved and receiving eternal life or the Lord God, who so loved you that He gave His only begotten son to die in your place on the cross to save you from the wrath that you deserve? God is holy and just and cannot simply ignore sin and rebellion. He could have dealt with it by sending each of us into eternal damnation. But because God is not only Just but His heart is filled with love and mercy toward his creation including you, God became a man and died in your place to save you from the wrath to come. God’s Word promises that if you turn from your sin and embrace Christ as your master and savior you will be saved from your sin! God’s word promises that "whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" –Romans 10:8-13. Do not let Satan rob you of this precious gift of eternal life. Eternity is forever and ever and there is no more important choice that you will ever make in your life other than where you will decide to spend eternity! Jesus said, "He that is not with Me is against Me." –Matthew 12:30 . To refuse to choose to follow Christ is to choose against Him by default and be an antichrist. God gives grace to the humble but resist the proud (James 4:4-8; 1 Peter 5:1-12 ). Do not cut yourself off from God’s grace by refusing to submit to His Lordship. He will have no other god’s before Him, not you or Satan (Isaiah 43:10 ). God’s Word declares that He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked (Ezekiel 33:11 ) but that all would come to a saving and come to the saving knowledge of the truth and be saved (1 Tim 2:4-5 ). The Lord does not desire that you perish but that you repent and turn to Christ who alone is able to save (2 Pet. 3:9; Acts 4:12 ). Simply repent and cry out to God to save you from your sins and He will be faithful to deliver you. If you have turned to the Lord Jesus Christ we welcome you into the family of God! We want to encourage you to read God’s Word the bible and consume it as food for your spirit. Find a Christian church that teaches that Jesus Christ is God and believes in the infallibility of God’s Word. Find a fellowship where people love and worship God in Spirit and truth. A fellowship where there is an emphasis on truth and living holy lives that are separated unto God from the wicked world system we live in. Find a fellowship that encourages a godly family life and a sincere faith. We know such fellowships are out there and God will lead you to one as you pray and seek Him! One more thing, pray for the Osbourne’s and all of those who are leading the multitudes to eternal damnation, as well as those who are ignorantly following them. Pray that God would "…grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth, and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will." (2 Tim 2:25-26 )

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