Motion pictures were the one mainstay of The Great Depression of the 1930’s. Movie attendance during this period did not fizzle out as one might be led to expect, but rather skyrocketed. The weary public’s longing to escape from the ravages of reality into fantasy worlds of luxurious extravagance proves man’s desire for escapism.

Movie star Mae West was known as the “Queen of Sex ”, and “The Statue of Libido.” She has been credited with doing more for the country than then U.S. President Calvin Coolidge did, with her second highest salary in the country proving it. Of her extremist sexual image, West stated:

“I had created a kind of Twentieth Century Sex Goddess that mocked and delighted…I was their banner, their figurehead, an articulate image, and I certainly enjoyed the work.”

This work helped to topple the Biblical sexual barriers that were still largely intact in the early twentieth century. This was a predetermined course that West, like many in the mainstream media, had planned out. As an overt occultist with the affluent ability to destroy men with simple gestures, her goal was the systematic wrecking of virtue via the undeniable power of motion pictures. West’s hex on society was in accordance with Satan’s plan – to bring initiates into the New Age by purposefully launching society into blatant sexual revolution.

Mae West

Mae set new trends for women and lowered standards for men. Women sought to dress like her, act like her, and talk like her. Platinum blonde hairstyles became the hairdo of choice, tight dresses became customary and loose morals were embraced. Suddenly men could expect to get a little farther than before with the girl of his choice, because Mae had said that it was O.K. Her skintight dresses and spew of sexual innuendo offered a trip to lustville for all that were willing to ride. Men drooled over all she had to offer and even her movies depict men coming apart at the seams in her presence, advocating to the viewer that such attitudes are acceptable.

West was not just a dabbler in the occult but was sold out lock stock and barrel. Her first experience came when an occult healer was summoned to treat intense stomach pains. In her autobiography she writes:

“If I have overstressed, as some may think, the physical, I will now relate my first adventure into the occult.” Her first adventure soon turned into a lifelong search that she was unwilling to break with. She continues, “My world was one of solid available absolutes that could be counted and handled and explained, even exploited. And suddenly this occult thing of just a prayer and a pressure made me doubt, draw back from a sureness of myself. The wonder of it frightened me at times…And I knew that in some marvelous way I had touched the hem of the unknown. And being me, I wanted to lift that hemline a little bit more.”

Seances, gurus, and contact with the dead became the mainstays of her life.

Emily Leider, author of Becoming Mae West, acknowledges West’s fascination with the spiritual:

“Mae felt herself drawn back into the world of spiritualism, which promised contact with the dead. At a resort called La Quinta, which was frequented by Paramount executives, she met Amelia Earhart, who shared this mystical bent. Mae had long admired Earhart for her courage and her mastery of the sky, "a man’s world"…and the two pioneers-one in aviation, the other in sexuality- talked about their mutual interest in psychic explorations…. After the séance with Amelia Earhart, Mae concentrated on developing her psychic powers. Each day she retreated to a dark room, where she sat, meditating, on a straight back chair, placing her hands on her knees.”

Kenny Kingston I Still Talk To...

West’s lot in life was one of doing Satan’s bidding. Always in search of new ways to reveal lewd behavior through her movies, she sought opportunities at every occasion to tap into the demonic realm for the bidding of her spirit guides. Kenny Kingston, Mae West’s friend and personal psychic, knew that the spirit world was Mae’s first priority. Kingston recalls one occasion where:

“At the theatre, she’d invite me back to her dressing room for a brief séance…She’d planned on the séance, wanted psychic messages about her career, and nothing would stand in her way. Her mind was always working, always planning her career moves. She’d talk about ‘Mae West’ in the third person, as though she were a company or institution. She’d listen to spirit’s advice, then say, ‘Yes, that would be good for Mae West.’”

She was an institution whose success was not of her own. She owed it all to the institutional guiding hand of the demonic realm.

Satan, knowing the power that unrestrained lust wields among a populace, utilized West in great capacities to bring this about. Her demonic experiences began to increase and she soon began to contact the spirit world on her own. She describes:

“First of all she taught me to meditate, not to concentrate mind and attention on one specific thing or idea, but to go into the silence, blanking out consciousness, shutting out all thought, and letting the inner voice come through.”

These personal experiences manifested in lavish ways. On one occasion, Mae awoke to find a host of spirit guides surrounding her bed, all seeking communication with her.

Mae West

The sexual inroads made in the 60’s were blazed by West’s movies in the thirties. Her films helped to establish an aura of promiscuity and acceptance of sexual immorality beyond that of Valentino in the 20’s. Police were often ushered in to put a stop to her stage performances, and the movie censors were in full steam to ban her lavish sexual portrayals. The Penal Code at the time prohibited "obscene, indecent, immoral or impure drama," and prosecuted all who aided and abetted such performances. In spite of authority’s attempts to protect society from her licentious ways, her popularity and fame soared. Men and women everywhere flocked to see the latest films and to take in her seductive messages.

Satan, mastermind that he is, is completely aware of how to produce wanton desire in the hearts of men. Mae was his puppet for such feats. West has been hailed as a prodigy with insight beyond her years for the simple reason that she wrote and produced many of her movies and stage acts. However, West did not create her productions of her own accord, they were completely given to her. West’s contact with the spirit world was responsible for producing the scripts that catapulted her into stardom as the “Queen of Sex.” Opposite the pride that one might expect to see from such a "superstar," West attests to having absolutely nothing to do with the formulation of the plots and consequent messages in her stage acts and movies. Kenny Kingston, friend and personal psychic explains:

“She was a natural psychic. She went to the spirit world for all her answers. She had enormous depth of spirit. She could write screenplays in three or four days by dictating to stenographers while she lay in a trance.”

West’s lascivious screenplays that ‘entertained’ and taught millions were actually formulated in the spirit world and broadcast through her. West attests to her psychic navigators as the Forces:

“You see, it’s like this, dearie. I need an idea for a pitchur’ I want to do, so I say, ‘Forces, Forces, I need some good dialogue for my new pitchur’-please help me out here.’ And sure enough before long I’m getting’ wonderful ideas, so I call in a stenographer and dictate the whole thing at once- I just open my mouth and out it comes.”

Ideas and parable storylines would come out of West as she lay possessed by the spirits. Kingston recalls:

Mae West

“when she was upset that no one had been able to come up with a script idea, she had walked about her room saying, ‘Forces, Forces, come to me and help me write a script.’ She would begin to hear voices and images, as the plot was revealed to her. Mae would summon stenographers to work with her around the clock, as she would lie in bed in a trance-like state, dictating as the spirits entered.”

1 John 5:19 says "that the whole world lies under the power of the evil one." Satan’s employment of influential Hollywood types promulgates satanic doctrine for the final revealing of his antichrist. The stage has been being set as Christianity has been relinquished of its importance in society and evil is continually reinforced as the world system plays right into his hand. The evil one, Satan, is aiming for the hearts and lives of Christians in the process, which is his prized goal. One secular Louisiana movie exhibitor reported on the huge box office success of West’s I’m No Angel:

“Did the best business of the year on this one. Whether they like her or not, they all come out to see her. The church people clamor for clean pictures, but they all come out to see Mae West, and stay away from a clean sweet picture like The Cradle Song.”

Satan swooped all kinds of “church people,” Christians, into dark theatres to flaunt his brand of values to them, and they went for it. Do you? Do you compromise when it comes to entertainment? Jesus would never follow what refused to give God glory. Neither should we.

In fact, Christians failed to realize that they were taking in changeling stories as channeled from the demonic realm. Movies were simply mapped out to her to present to the public and her fans ate them up. West recalls one such incident:

Mae West

“’As he started to play I just mentally blanked out. I sat there listenin’ but I really didn’t hear his music at all.’ In the fifty four seconds that it took the musician to play his song, Mae West had received the entire script in her mind. It had come in neatly and completely with a beginning, a middle and an end. The film was…’a great hit, my fans loved it.’”

West’s desires were for all men to surrender to the “booning” powers found in the demonic realm. When asked how she became interested in extra sensory perception (ESP), she replied:

“I didn’t. The Forces chose me. Most of us have it in some degree if we’d only develop it. It would be a great boon to mankind, ya know?”

West also pushed the homosexual lifestyle on the financially depressed and distraught public. She gloated:

“When I wrote THE DRAG! It was even more daring than SEX. It was about homosexuality. I showed forty men dressed up as women. It was about a love affair between two men…Can you imagine the shock it caused then? They banned it from New York!…It will be a hit, I know it will…”

West’s adherence to the occult and rejection of Christianity allowed her to project her loose image. In order for a person to wallow in sin, they need to do away with the concept of sin and it’s consequences. West describes her inordinate romp through life:

“For me, touring in DIAMOND LIL was a delight. The play pleased people…I had long since discarded any idea of sin in relationship with the biological facts of nature and the amorous play of emotional human beings.”

These distorted views led her into a life of bondage to sexual immorality-the very thing that she said would liberate people. She viewed the popular views of Christianity as lacking: “I have maintained a deep interest in metaphysics. At the present time our spiritual knowledge cannot supply all the answers about life after death, yet it offers to me the best intimations of immortality that we have, and I hold on to it, waiting for more.” The best intimations that we have are far greater than that- the proof of over 500 people seeing Jesus alive and well after He was put to death is pretty significant. The Scriptures proclaim that this was the proof that He was of God, because He rose from the dead just as He said that He would.

From God’s perspective, West’s actions were disgustingly filthy. West may have been physically beautiful, however, God likens her to a pig. The book of Proverbs states: "As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion." Her ways are spiritually akin to a hog covered with mud and feces, with something shiny on it to grab attention. This description is also fitting today for the majority of Hollywood’s sexually explicit depictions of women.

The revelry encouraged in West’s pictures of the thirties seems like child’s play compared to what is shown in a PG rated movie today. Our society has sinfully progressed to such levels of tolerant acceptance that West’s movies would be considered tame. Satan pries open forbidden areas through movies, and then ups the ante for the next generation. The occultist, William Burroughs, proclaimed: “What is shocking to one generation becomes acceptable in the next.” Satan’s game plan is working as the sexual immorality and deviancies of West’s generation have become commonplace. Movie stars of today are no different from West in her day; they continually push the sinful envelope to new levels of perversity, surrendering en masse to Satan’s rebellious objective by indoctrinating society into Satan’s “great boon to mankind.”